Fibre Optics Lighting

Fibre Optics Lighting

Using some of the best light sources from suppliers  including Universal Fibre Optics in the UK, NGA can  supply and install a huge range of Fibre Optic solutions.

These include installation within swimming pools,  chandeliers, bespoke light fittings, standard ceiling  systems and of course stretch fabric ceilings.

With the ability to make up Fibre Optic looms in house  we fuse versatile DMX, 0-10 or switching LED light  sources with our high-quality looms to create affordable  solutions.

Fiber optic lighting uses optical fiber optics lighting as a sort of pipe which transmits light from the main source through the fiber to the spot where the illumination is needed. transmitting light from a source through the fiber to a remote location.

It can be used to make a starfield ceiling within a stretch ceiling, to display features in a furniture, for example in a museum or in a residential project.

In fact there are 2 different types of fibre optics: end emitting and edge emitting lighting. The first one allows lighting to be visible only at the very end, where a bezel can be added to enhance the effect. The second one can be used to glow all the way along its length, which can be used to make a specific effect, especially decorative lighting.


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