Dim-to-warm LED Mood Lighting

Dim-to-warm LED Mood Lighting

Dim-to-warm is a LED lighting which emulates a halogen lamp when dimmed, so when you dim it down (reduce its brightness) the colour temperature changes to a warmer colour. This special LED lighting, despite the classic LED that when dimmed changes only the brightness, changes the colour from 3000K to 1800K.

It’s perfect for decorative luminaries, and can be used in hotels, restaurants and residential projects. Perfect to create the right atmosphere when needed, just at a flick of the control unit.

How it works?

We are used to LED lighting dimming but keeping the same colour rate, just changing the brightness. On the contrary, a dim-to-warm LED lighting is made by two different areas, one with a cooler colour temperature and another with a very warm colour temperature. When dimming the lighting, it will first interact with the cooler area, and once completely dimmed it will start working on the warmer area.

By following this sequence, when dimming the lighting will work similarly to an incandescent or halogen bulb.

The best feature of this particular lighting is that you won’t need any intricated system to control the whole system. In fact an ordinary dimmable driver will work perfectly and will give it the expected scene.

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